Forgot how to know you but seems to be very quiet accompany

3 Dec 2011

This is my heat confused memories, recording every bizarre idea.
Wrong fall in lean years, walking on desolate city, breathing stale air, missed departure to assure sth be used
Forgot how to know you, but seems to be very quiet accompany every day with you, then I knew only himself, sitting on the corner of summer and let him waste rot, corrosion. Sadness to decadent bearing in mind the entire summer. Spend a lot of time to give his fall.
September weiyang, I met you, and resist others I from the heart, he surprisingly did not resist your concern.Just silence you give my warm, so with this scene: you accompany me, giving me so many so many soft, and I think they believe you will be always sth be used
But one day, suddenly found that accompany me every day you are not there, I discovered in my heart, you are so important. This sudden lose, so I don’t know what. Used to the temperature of your Palm, used to the taste of you, when hand begins to cool, when the air became turbid, everything I knew about you has had to go, I found that, in my heart, you are really very important, very important sth be used
Subtle look does not belong to me in the crowds, presented a clear picture before us makes me feel unreal, perhaps this is another person’s eyes what is called the real. Is also a second before bloom, one second after the cold.

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