I close it a heart filled with love red bean

20 Dec 2011

The other side of the heart, filled with thoughts of good. All at sea in the mood Buy RS Gold, filled with empty eyes spread out the faint light of worries.
Standing at the South of cold air, clenched hands the ruxin, red bean, red eyes, love flow shadow across the sky.
Read care in the season, I close it a heart filled with love, red bean, red bean’s heart was filled with plumes of Acacia. Relax mind, searching for love in the wind, searching for meaning in my dream.
Dream flowers, virulent, the pain completely. Love is sometimes wear a mask of hypocrisy, walk in a world where you and I, missing the warm wind, missed the gentle rain, finally scattered in the petals drop and waters flow., muffling obliteration in the flow of time in the shadows.
Love in the loneliness of the long night, shake a hazy moon, along the twists and turns of the true state of one ‘ s mind, into a heart filled with love’s heart. South wind, filled with love language, South of the rain, and vagabond traces of love.
In the vast world, whispering love’s clarity, if you fall into a smile and captivated in my love.
Voice of the heart, flower lilac fragrance into! Jiangnan, Misty Rain, in the quiet night, plays love songs.

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