Back quietly lying in the harbour of the quiet and peaceful

6 Jan 2012

Empty of years, bred has how many lonely and how many blurred, dang I open earthly of title page, found many I by ignored of corner in, has a strains strains small is green of shoots still in constantly growth, they does not by time of washing, they does not fear storm of percussion, tough of stand still for a long while foot in there, see with I, concern with Cheap SWTOR Credits , dang I injured has, dang I tired has, as long as out hand, they on will will I hold into arms in the.
Back quietly lying in the harbour of the quiet and peaceful, although the arm cannot be propped up mountains, the mind does not hold the sea, but it can make me weak do ourselves, can also make me cry like a child. Wan Chuan in life, always a a small but steady stream of River Bend, it is the arms of their loved ones warm, it is home to assure.
Dang I go of is tired is tired, dang I pain of is grieved, dang I lost of go in life of crossroads, dang I confounds the of wandering in life of street, Association some sound in silently of support with I, Association some warm from all over the, happiness filled and and sweet of smile, let I saw rain Hou dazzling of Rainbow, let I heard spring birds delighted of song.
Closely to grab that touched, so they become dispensable in the life of my dreams, I would like to put them into my heart, written into my words, so that they become my constant jumping between notes, and rap out loving, compose the ripples.

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