Respectively of the past today’s gathering

15 Jan 2012

Friend, do you hear? Hear the sound of slaps rocky shore of the sea, wind from the side-sliding sound.
Please close your eyes and listen with heart, do you hear, we have in the sand to the shore of laughter.
Now you stand in the past we’ve come to this place, I do not know if you can smell the taste of the water and sand.
Friend, you’re looking into the distance, I’m in across the ocean. Across an ocean between us,
When can we put up a bridge?
The sea is just a drop of water, and there is nothing extraordinary about the drop?
Respectively of the past, today’s gathering.
The fate of the wind, why not blowing your pride?
Like mascarpone water, why not stumbled up your smile?
Are we really back to once had, past of the past, that all of have you gone with the wind?




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