Secretly we say to yourself with sweets and bitters

15 Jan 2012

We, in the journey of life hand in hand, along with sadness, accompanied by a pleasant dripping, accompanied by a sad bitterness, also accompanied by a hard and cold. So, we bypass in the winding Buy WOW Gold Cheap, togeth to grow up, mature in think and thin. We enjoy the joy and happiness, in pain and pensive struggled all the way to go.
Secretly, we say to yourself, with sweets and bitters, with storm thunderstorm, with snow and frost. We are experiencing a different experience, experience success and failure, experiencing frustration and Ruyi.
In the pursuit of the River, we are looking forward to, longing, and dedication to moving forward. Have undergone many thorns blocked, sometimes smooth; and sometimes ice snow, sometimes the Sun is shining. We each tasting, chewed out described the digestion, all absorbed. Although thin test, my heart has a sigh, there is a moving, there is a no. to eat one’s heart out, having a wet eyes tear. However, we’ve gone through the only know what should be discarded, what should be cherished, what should be let go, what should stick.

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