However when I was a people quiet read the sorrows of others

1 Feb 2012

Waves without the leave of absence amid fading away in time immemorial, there is no teacher give earnest admonitions personally, nor the school everyday, be freely through every day, easy, happy wowgold, occasionally writing jobs then running off to play, this life very well.
However, when I was a people quiet read the sorrows of others, those heartbreaking stroked text, only to find, they’re lonely, although they have always quiet laughter. You can, and I could clearly hear the lonely it can be very noisy. When life was fairy age, I try with a pen stroke his crooked foot, happy, sad, childish, sense of last write is not in memory, so such practices was shelved. Today, the reality of the brutal forced I bent forward. On a quiet place on v, with arcane knowledge of college entrance examination, do not have my winter Lei Zhenzhen, don’t I Ching-months, don’t I goldwind Yulu, I thought of the Kingdom were deserted, but this does not affect I’m listening to a lonely voice.

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