But think back really is do they change

10 Feb 2012

Maybe I’m wrong. Everyone keeping a camouflage, constantly changing, which is the truth of your own? Which is the best self? And who knows? We often complain that others have changed.
But think back, really is do they change? No, really it’s not. Only they themselves no longer in accordance with the familiar forms of life. Can only say that we haven’t been able to adapt to the lifestyle they have right now. We should also not put their own ideas, used to impose to others.
Everyone is an independent, thoughtful individual, but they change what a new life of French, it says they changed it? Why don’t they try it again to habits of life they now have? You get used to, be familiar with their other life forms wowgold, then can say they did? Don’t complain, they are not your own.

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