I know the tears just fall to pieces had already been sunshine sucks

18 Feb 2012

Is by no means a simple schmaltzy, emotion variation in this super bastard, love seems to be to find my soul.However, in addition to resist a dull pain, I have to thank it is rebuilding a new self. I can’t help crying, I don’t know if it is sorrow or joy. Steps following the nostalgia of my vain desire has made my life in disguise, love picked up the Imperial Decree of fate to my kneeling body aims, I completely lost my childhood of gentle and inner strength. My life seems to be to simply pleasing performance of the action is seen on the screen, and your spirit is from the high-altitude drops of substitute, as a complete mirror of the moment from the walls fell, into the audience in the eyes of thousands of worlds. Really like on the screen but if I love so shallow in good faith, even though his tears for this purpose, will have to review whether they are performing a sad cry and play with no interest, and attracted some inexplicable sadness wealth, deceiving themselves. Perhaps, he would have understood if one day I fell in love with who, most likely are not loved in return.
Face reality, I know the tears just fall to pieces had already been sunshine sucks. I know on a broken dream in the flame of nothingness through fried, crisp and beautiful poppy flowers came flying after black makes me heartaches of heartbreak. Track complaint to God without any trace of my dreams. However, through the dawn, I saw he was exiled back to follow in the footsteps of secular busy. In this, camouflage has made me suffer strange luck, love but also of advantage, consistency of the fluid in my veins. When you turn the corner, the old Shoemaker and his son did not work, but it does make me a little bit excited, although I have no intention to read fantasy and reality of these natural or artificial landscape.




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