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    For some time I was deliberately away from you

    For some time, I was deliberately away from you, because I have a fear of your concern, I’m afraid I cannot afford this extra feeling. You will also occasionally send text messages: Wei wei, interesting places, empty around, sometimes World Of Warcraft Gold very silly to ask me: I went to see the teacher, do you speak it? You really are stupid, has 40 without doubt you, in fact, very simple, very cute, has very little in the world of men like you. I began to slowly wear you feel if you met a good person, so cherish the simple emotions, will be a good thing? This world is not really doing anything to purpose, are attempted. Must be some thing is very simple, very warm. This time, I felt warm for my own good for you, this love for you. I know we will be like brother and sister, mutual


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